Some people just never learn

Roger Stone and Michael Flynn are both convicted felons now, desperately trying to fend off inevitable prison sentences, because they committed crimes in Donald Trump’s name and then he left them hanging. Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and other Trump underlings have done prison time. They loyally do Trump’s bidding, and then they go down for it. These people never learn. Just ask Jeff Sessions.

Sessions, for his part, at least had the sense to apparently avoid committing felony obstruction of justice; we’ll see if the post-Trump DOJ nails him for perjury. But when this all began, Jeff Sessions was a Senator with high ranking committee seniority. Then he gave that up to become Donald Trump’s Attorney General, where he did Trump’s corrupt bidding – but not enough of it – and so Trump fired him.

Now Jeff Sessions, disgraced and lampooned and unemployed is desperately trying to get his old Senate seat back – and Donald Trump is very loudly campaigning against Sessions, in favor of some new toady. These people never learn that everyone who latches onto Trump ends up worse for it.

In fact Donald Trump’s longtime loyal fixer Michael Cohen just got out of prison this week, after he went down for crimes he committed in Trump’s name, and Trump did nothing to help him. Cohen, for his part, seems to be one of the few Trump underlings who’s learned his lesson, and he’s trying to rebuild his life while working to take Trump down. Who would have thought Cohen of all people was the comparatively smart one of the bunch?

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