These GOP Senators are in deep trouble

All the polls, even Donald Trump’s favorite ones, keep getting more embarrassing for him and his re-election prospects. This isn’t just a problem for his political tenure, his ego, and likely his freedom – it’s also a problem for down-ballot candidates running in the Senate who are having a hard time distancing themselves from Trump’s blatant bigotry and corruption. While Senate Republicans were largely thought to be safe back in January, it’s now more possible than ever that they could lose the Senate – and the Democrats could gain as much as 10 seats.

Just seven months ago, only three of the Republicans’ Senate seats were toss-ups – Maine, Colorado, and North Carolina, according to the non-partisan political analyst groups Inside Elections and Cook Political Report, but now there are at least 11 races that have shifted in favor of Democrats – with races in Georgia and Texas now inching into their column.

Republicans also have the disadvantage of defending more seats this year than they did in 2018, and have to play defense in areas that they typically don’t need to worry about as they’re trying hard to keep both Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell’s seats. Gaining seats for Republicans is pretty much entirely out of the question at this point, with even Doug Jones’ seat in Alabama being a toss-up.

As great as it would be to gain 10 seats in the Senate, if only to show a decisive victory over Trumpism, Democrats only really need 3-4 seats if they retake the White House and they can start enacting Joe Biden’s ambitious agenda for America in January. This is why we all need to vote and register as many people as we can find to vote, to show Republicans the door on November 3.

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