These dummies are playing right into our hands

We’d be far better off as a nation if the January 6th Capitol attack had never happened. But since it did happen, and it was orchestrated by a number of top Republican politicians, we have a duty to use it against their party in upcoming elections.

Accordingly, the January 6th Committee is preparing to make a comprehensive case to mainstream Americans that the January 6th attack really was an assault on our democracy, and that the Republican Party needs to be held accountable for it. The committee is amassing a ton of evidence, from witnesses to phone records. But now the extremists who are siding with the Capitol attackers are making the committee’s job easier.

Even as the committee is gearing up to begin making its case to the American people, these extremist dummies are planning to gather in Washington DC on September 18th in order to protest in support of the imprisoned Capitol attackers. You read that right. These dummies are coming back for more.

We say “dummies” because this is the stupidest move they could possibly make right now. For one thing, they won’t succeed with any attacks they might attempt. The only reason they were able to breach the Capitol last time is because Donald Trump and his underlings were in charge of the federal government and were able to sabotage the military and law enforcement response. But that clearly won’t happen this time; troops will be out in force, and these right wingers with their proverbial pitchforks will be absolutely no match.

But if these “pro-Capitol attack” protesters do assemble in any large numbers on September 18th and manage to get any mainstream media coverage, it’ll work in the January 6th Committee’s favor. Even as the committee is trying to convince mainstream Americans of the seriousness of the attack that Trump and his hooligans led, Trump’s hooligans will be out there with another Capitol gathering, gleefully taking credit for January 6th.

The optics will be almost too perfect. So if these idiots want to once again amass outside the Capitol, let them. They’ll accomplish nothing, other than confirming everything that the January 6th Committee is about to say about them.

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