There’s something wrong with these people

There is inherently something wrong with these anti-mask people. They go on about freedoms, but they care nothing for anyone else’s freedoms. This behavior is even more egregious when one could set examples for others, especially those we have elected to office. The pandemic continues to rage out of control, and all these people can think of is fighting over having to wear a mask in public places. The latest idiot involved in an anti-masking fight is Alaska Senator Lora Reinbold. Now, she expects the Senate to bend over backwards for her because she finds herself in a situation of her own doing.

New York Times reported that Reinbold wants to be excused from legislative sessions because she has been banned from Alaska Airlines for violating mask policies and has no way to fly to the State Capitol. Sounds like a personal problem. She can drive, take a boat, walk, or any other means of transportation to do her job. She should not shirk her duties to the taxpayers because she is an idiot. That is patently unfair to the people who elected her and who had nothing to do with her personal decisions. According to NYT, it would take her 19 hours to travel by car and ferry, and she would have to cross the Canadian border. She better leave early so that she can make it on time.

This is not some “he said/she said” or “her word against theirs” situation. Video exits of Reinhold arguing about mask rules with employees at Juneau International Airport. Now, if Reinbold is so into freedom, why is she against this company exercising its freedom to require masks? In the Republican world, freedom applies only to them and no one else. Mike Dunleavy—Alaska’s Republican governor—sheds no tears for Reinbold. Dunleavy said that Reinbold has been spreading misinformation in the state and that she has “abdicated the tenants of your oath as a public servant.” He is right. She created this situation, and she needs to suffer the consequences. Of course, the Republican members of the Senate have excused her, which is no surprise since most of them are just like her. In the real world, she would be asked to do her job or leave. It should be that way in the Senate, especially considering that she was elected by the people to represent them. Instead, she gets to, as Dunleavy said, abdicate her responsibilities to her constituents. This is despicable, and it is not a first.

Reinbold was asked to leave a committee meeting because she was not wearing approved face covering. She was then barred from the Capitol until she complied. Reinbold claims that she acted “to protect my Constitutional rights, including civil liberties and those who I represent.” It is doubtful that those she represents agree with her behavior. They should reward her by replacing her as soon as the opportunity arises. People like Reinbold do not belong in Congress or in any situation that allegedly represents the public. She is reckless and sets a bad example. She has certainly earned no right to represent anyone.

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