There’s nothing left of this guy

You’re Donald Trump. You’re ten months away from an election that’ll send you to prison if you don’t win, and your poll numbers are in the gutter. Your corrupt Senate allies have just handed you a sham acquittal, in the last piece of major good news you’re likely to get before election day. So how do you go about seizing the moment?

Now we have our answer. If you’re Trump, you spend a prayer breakfast speech vowing revenge on your political opponents. You hold a White House press conference and start cursing and saying incoherent things. You sign off on the firing of multiple impeachment witnesses, even though they were of no further threat to you. Then you release a budget proposal so absurd it’ll probably cost you votes in November. Then, after new poll numbers reveal that you’re in just as bad of 2020 shape as ever, you tweet an f-word filled Larry David video because you don’t realize you’re the punchline in said video.

Can we stop pretending Donald Trump has a plan for 2020? This isn’t an effective strategy. It’s not a strategy, period. This guy doesn’t even have a functioning brain. He can’t speak, can’t think things through, can’t figure out what will make him look good or bad, can’t figure out that he’s the butt of the joke he’s promoting.

Donald Trump is as dangerous as ever. But it’s not because he’s “emboldened” – a buzzword that the media has already begun ditching, as we predicted. He’s dangerous because he’s cornered, at a time when he’s struggling to function on even a basic level. Trump is a ship adrift with no one at the wheel.

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