“There will never be a name on a Donald Trump building again”

Donald Trump is rapidly losing everything. He’s losing the presidency in eight days, or less, depending on the 25th Amendment. He’s being impeached again. He’s being criminally investigated in multiple jurisdictions. But he’s also being destroyed in terms of his finances and his brand.

Yesterday everyone from Deutsche Bank, to the PGA, to Bill Belichick took hard steps to distance themselves from their former ally Donald Trump. But this is just the beginning. Political analyst Donny Deutsch appeared on MSNBC on Tuesday afternoon and pointed out that “There will never be a name on a Donald Trump building again.”


This is correct. Trump’s brand has now become so toxic, so radioactive, so closely associated with domestic terrorism and sedition, not a single building that currently licenses the Trump name is going to keep it after this. And of course the properties that Trump owns aren’t going to be his for much longer anyway, so his name will come off those as well.

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