There really is no scandal here

As my fellow alumni from Father Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University will recall, the first rule of economics is supply and demand. When supply goes down, costs go up with demand. It’s what we call “inflation,” and it is a natural and automatic consequence when a nation and its economy emerges from a worldwide pandemic. Not only is this inflation not the President’s fault, it is not made worse by the President spending time with his family over Thanksgiving.

It is made better, however, by the President’s efforts. While the Former Guy’s policy was to blame Obama and play golf nearly 300 times (at a cost of $149 million to taxpayers), President Joe Biden has come up with the Build Back Better Act. Among other things the act will give Americans relief from the ravages of inflation by providing lower costs for daycare, elder care, lower drug prices, caps on the cost of insulin, child tax credit checks, and so on.

The Build Back Better act is wildly popular with Americans and hated by Republicans. After all, bad news for Americans in general is good news for Republicans. It’s no accident that many people in the Republican Party these days have swastika tattoos: Hitler came to power precisely because of runaway inflation. Hitler needed someone to blame for it, and he blamed the Jews and the Weimar Republic. Therefore Republicans need inflation to get worse so they can blame Joe Biden and the Democrats.


That’s why Peter Doocy, professional gadfly and White House correspondent for Fox News, demanded to know from Jen Psaki why Joe Biden was going to Nantucket for the weekend during this time of “great personal and financial hardship.” It was a silly question but it’s the best Fox can do. As much as Doocy and the evil manipulators at Fox and the idiots who watch them would wish otherwise, there really is no scandal here. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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