There is no President of the United States

There is no President of the United States. That’s more or less been a true statement for the entirety of the past four years. In fact you could argue that if Donald Trump were replaced with a ham sandwich, the rest of the executive branch would be more functional, because at least the sandwich wouldn’t actively try to sabotage things.

But now that it’s become painfully clear to Donald Trump that he’s lost the election and that he’ll be exiting the White House soon, it’s absolutely the truth that there is no President of the United States. Historic cyber attack by Russia? Pandemic worse than ever? Vaccine sitting in a warehouse? Economy in tatters? Americans in bread lines? Even the worst President would be trying to do something.

Instead we simply have no President. Donald Trump has 100% checked out mentally, and all but checked out physically. Trump is spending his days tweeting conspiracy theories that should come complete with a tinfoil hat, and he’s staying up all night ranting about how the late John McCain did in school. There simply is no President right now.

Vice President Mike Pence, who could remove Trump via the 25th Amendment tomorrow, is to be condemned for not taking action. Senate Republicans, who could force Trump to resign simply by threatening to have the House send over a new impeachment charge so they could convict and remove him, are also to be condemned. These are constitutionally mandated actions under the circumstances.

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