There are more Bob Woodward bombshells coming about Donald Trump

When Bob Woodward released an audio recording on Wednesday of Donald Trump admitting that he’d been lying to the American public about the coronavirus all along, it was the kind of bombshell that altered the course of Trump’s failing presidency, and ensured that Woodward’s book will become a bestseller. It was one heck of an opening salvo, but based on the timing, it just that – an opening salvo.

Woodward’s book is currently available for preorder, but it doesn’t come out until early next week. The way book launches go, there’s always an initial bombshell leaked in advance to get attention, but it’s always just one part of the story. By the time the book ships, more Trump bombshells will have surfaced. It’s tough to say if the additional revelations will be bigger or smaller than what surfaced on Wednesday – but there’s definitely more to come.

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