The whistleblower complaint is now officially in the wind

This morning the Trump White House released a memo which purported to summarize the phone conversation that Donald Trump had with the president of Ukraine. It was way too short to have documented the entire conversation, and parts of it were no doubt doctored before release. Nonetheless, it was enough to directly incriminate Trump, raising questions about just how ugly the real truth might me.

Now, even as Donald Trump rants and raves incoherently while holding a televised press conference about his impeachment, NBC and other major news outlets have confirmed that the House Intelligence Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee now both have their hands on the actual whistleblower complaint. So what now?

If the whistleblower complaint feels like it’s in any way inauthentic, the Democrats on both those committees will surely sound the alarm any moment now. In addition, with the whistleblower now apparently set to testify before the House Intel Committee tomorrow, the Trump regime wouldn’t necessarily be able to get away with giving the committee a doctored version of the whistleblower complaint.

Stay tuned, because now that the whistleblower report is in the wind, details should begin surfacing any minute. You can look for the Democrats on these committees to quickly begin leaking any non-classified details in this whistleblower report that serve to incriminate Donald Trump. We’ll see if any of the Republicans on these committees are willing to stick their necks out today by lying about what’s in the report.

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