The walls are closing in on Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy was always going to have problems making his dream of becoming House Speaker come true. But as he struggles in vain for the respect he craves, it would appear that his coveted prize is slipping even further from his grasp. Failed human experiment Marjorie Taylor Greene has come out and said that she is unsure if all the Republicans will get behind McCarthy in his bid for the speakership.

Speaking to Matt Gaetz, Greene explained she does not respect the current GOP leadership and accused McCarthy of not holding the right people accountable. Greene also referred to both Paul Gosar and herself as “trampled on and abused.”

Greene also reportedly has a list of demands for McCarthy to abide by if he wants her support. Some of those demands include kicking Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger out of the House GOP conference altogether. Greene also wants John Katko, who voted for the infrastructure bill, kicked off his committee. “He’s a Democrat,” Greene says of Katko.

There are a few things of note here. First, it won’t matter what Greene demands if we keep the House, so let’s plan on doing that with aggressive and optimistic campaigning. Second, it shows more prominent cracks are starting to appear in the wall that divides the two sides of the GOP.

The cracks are expanding, growing wider and wider. Now, even McCarthy isn’t crazy enough for some in the GOP, it would appear.


You see where this is going. You see, I am sure the soon-to-be collision of the two cracked and fragmented groups. And we can use all this in our own campaigns. It would appear there may soon be open war in the GOP, and there can only be one winner. Let’s make sure it is us.

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