Joe Biden just nailed it on The View

Joe Biden held a coronavirus press briefing on Friday, and another one on Monday, but the TV networks completely ignored them both – even as various media pundits continued to push the false narrative that Biden was somehow in hiding. So today, Biden took his message to The View.

Joe Biden appeared on The View remotely from his home in Delaware, and in short, he sounded presidential. Biden sounded like the guy you wish were in charge right now instead of Donald Trump:


Joe Biden also hit back at Donald Trump’s new assertion that we should reopen the economy soon, regardless of the deadly health hazards involved:


Biden’s appearance on The View today allowed him to inform millions of people about his daily press briefings, which up to now the TV network had been ignoring. Now that the public knows about his briefings, there will be demand for them to be aired on television. We’ll see if the cable news networks end up doing so. After all, Joe Biden is the de facto Democratic nominee for President.

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