The unraveling of Donald Trump is accelerating

Yesterday Donald Trump stood on a rally stage in Michigan and basked in a “Lock Her Up” chant about the state’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer, barely a week after the FBI busted up a far right kidnapping and murder plot against her. How does this help Trump’s sinking chances of winning the state? It doesn’t – and that’s the whole point.

Donald Trump is no longer trying to win. Not really. Sure, he’s traveling to the swing states he needs. But he’s not using his appearances in these states to try to get himself any additional votes, which is a problem for him, because he’s losing these states. The entire point, on paper at least, is to try to win over additional voters. Instead Trump is using his appearances for nothing beyond his own deranged amusement.

Trump keeps traveling to states where he’s behind, and announcing that he’ll never set foot in those states again if he loses the election. In one instance he threatened to leave the country if he loses. At this point he’s like the failed standup comic who can’t get a laugh, and knows his set is going to be a disaster, so he starts heckling people – except in Trump’s case he’s heckling the entire country.

Donald Trump seems to have figured out that there’s really nothing he can do to win at this point. His only shot at winning is if we don’t turn out to vote, and that’s not something he can control. Trump has been unraveling before our eyes for awhile. Now it’s accelerating. He’s already threatening to leave the country. How long before he threatens to burn down Trump Tower? The guy is truly falling to pieces.

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