The unending stupidity of Ted Cruz


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I once said in another article that I do not equate intelligence with education. I stand by that comment. For me, intelligence is not about how “book-smart” one is. Someone may have graduated from an ivy league school with HONORS, and they can still display stupidity and ignorance.

On the other hand, someone could drop out of school in the tenth grade and turn out to be one of the smartest people ever. Nor do IQ tests tell the real story of intelligence. It’s important to understand that. Case in point: Albert Einstein, whom many consider being the most brilliant person ever to exist.

Albert Einstein had a learning disability. So no all the scholarly awards in the world, all the best education money can by, is not proof of intelligence. To me, mindfulness, and an ability to listen and absorb knowledge, is a far more important indicator of intelligence. Ted Cruz does not listen. He does not absorb knowledge.

Ted Cruz has some impressive educational credentials. It does not matter. Ted Cruz is perhaps one of the most stupid, ignorant and idiotic humans I’ve ever seen.

And nobody’s a favorite mariachi lover is proving it again by demanding Bud Light be investigated. This is not a joke.There is no “Candid Camera” here. There’s just Ted Cruz, an ignorant jerk of a person, an unendingly abnormal pimple who cannot stop himself from saying and doing very stupid things.

The reason Teddy wants to do this investigation is that Bud worked with a Trans woman. Ted does not like Trans women. Ted is clearly intimidated and afraid of Trans women. Who knows why? I suspect Freud would have adored playing around with THAT question.

Teddy’s not alone. Tennessee walking nightmare Senator Marsha Blackburn has signed on. They want to launch an investigation into Bud’s marketing strategy. Could this be another Disney waiting to happen? I suspect so. And WHAT is with the GOP ordering companies to do as they wish?


Don’t you remember when the GOP was the ” hands-off” party? Now those days seem long gone. I have a theory as to why. It’s ignorance. It’s the ignorant nature of Cruz and other Republicans coming out just like they came out over the abortion discussion. Perhaps Trump did us one favor after all. He acted as a sort of truth serum for Republicans to let their most awful selves out. Now they can’t pull those selves back in, it would seem.



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