The Trump White House coronavirus coverup gets curiouser and curiouser

Now that Kayleigh McEnany has tested positive for coronavirus, it further raises the question of how Donald Trump’s entire inner circle could get exposed at close range, yet only half of them have tested positive. One factor is that even if you catch it, you can often test negative for five to seven days (and sometimes up to fourteen days) before finally testing positive. But there may be another factor here.

Look at the pattern of who has been revealed to have coronavirus, and who hasn’t. Hope Hicks was involuntarily outed by a leaker. Donald Trump hid his first positive test result on Thursday, and didn’t announce he had coronavirus until his second test result later on Thursday, by which time he was feeling ill. Kellyanne Conway’s coronavirus was outed by her daughter. Chris Christie waited to announce he had coronavirus until he was sick enough to check into a hospital.

The pattern seems to be that people in the Trump regime are only admitting to having coronavirus after they’ve been outed by someone else, or if they’re about to get outed due to going to the hospital, or if they’re someone who would raise suspicion if they simply disappeared from public view while in quarantine. The three Republican Senators who tested positive had to admit as much, because they were about to be missing from committee meetings. Kayleigh McEnany had to admit she’s tested positive, because people would have asked questions if she simply stopped briefing for fourteen days.

Now look at the people in Donald Trump’s orbit who were directly exposed to coronavirus, but haven’t announced they have it: Mike Pence. Ivanka. Don Junior. Eric Trump. Bill Barr. Rudy Giuliani. These are all people who don’t pop their heads up in public on a daily basis to begin with, and can therefore simply disappear without anyone growing suspicious.


We’re not saying the Trump people who claim not to have coronavirus are all lying. We’re just saying it’s awfully convenient that every single Trump person who’s admitted to having coronavirus is someone who had been outed, or was going to be outed, or couldn’t just disappear – and everyone who can just disappear for fourteen days is insisting they don’t have the virus.

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