The Trump card

Funny thing about this new “Trump card,” the new way Trump & Co. are grifting the huddled Covid-masses yearning to be freed of their lives. The card sports not only a typo, but an eagle facing its left shoulder. Now those with limited knowledge will just say this is similar to the American Eagle that is on the Presidential Seal. But the eagle on the Presidential Seal is facing its right shoulder, just like the Roman eagle standard that Germany has long used since taking it from the Holy Roman Empire. Now the German eagle is called the Federal Eagle or the Bundesadler.

This is not a lesson on ancient heraldry but rather a lesson in recent propaganda. From World War I, through the Weimar Republic and onto the Nazi era, the German eagle was called the Reichsadler. And again, this eagle like our eagle on the American Presidential Seal faces looking over its right shoulder.

Now comes Donald Trump. His eagle faces left. Interesting detail: before the Nazi’s took power and therefore, took hold of Germany’s age-old Reichsadler, they had the Party’s Eagle or Parteiadler. This eagle faced left in order to distinguish it from the Weimar Republic’s Reichsadler.


The Nazi allusions on Trump’s card are all over social media. There’s no proof Trump designed it to be like the Nazi Party symbol because Trump & Co., of course, know to tuck that sh*t in. Additionally these people are stupid so anything intentional must be deemed as suspect. But the similarities of the eagles are striking. So are the details. A left-facing eagle is chilling if you know history. Take note of it.

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