The tables have turned on Putin

It’s no coincidence that Biden is meeting with NATO and the G7 all the while giving pushback on Putin. Let’s review what’s been going on. NATO is changing rules on collective defense clause (Article 5) to include the cyberspace. This is a big problem for Putin, who we know has been actively involved in a huge propaganda campaign on behalf of the Republicans and Trump. Netanyahu is out as Prime Minister of Israel and he is also a water carrier for Putin. When Biden meets with Putin Wednesday, we will see the kind of whipped dog stance Trump took with Putin in Helsinki, but this time it will be Putin’s demeanor.

We have been in the grip of an axis of evil between these three men. Not only have they embraced the mob, but they are each, on their own, evil. Biden knows this and will be having none of it. Trump and Netanyahu are facing jail time. They are quickly rushing into irrelevancy. Putin, on the other hand, holding one of the greatest nuclear arsenals in the world, must be dealt with. It’s not plausible for Biden to shun him or refuse to deal with him. But he can show him who’s boss now. And Putin not only knows this is coming, but the intelligent man inside Putin also knows he deserves it.

With the spying scandal in the DOJ, expect to see more resignations. It was horrific behavior and cannot stand in a democracy. There are many hand-picked Trumpsters in our government after four years and we can’t expect a clean house less than six months into the new administration. But these MAGAt plants need to know justice grinds slowly, but it grinds finely. AG Garland will find you and prosecute.


The world is already becoming a better place with the G7 refusing to accept forced labor supply chains. This is directed at China’s abuse and genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Anyone who thinks this could have been achieved with the grifter president is deluding themselves. They and the rest of the MAGAts need to go “fact” themselves. Please tell them.

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