The squeeze is on against Kevin McCarthy

Will the REAL House leader please stand up? There is an excellent article by Charlie Sykes called “Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene.” In it, Sykes speaks of who is REALLY running the House Caucus — and in his opinion, it isn’t cowardly Kev. Nope. So who is it? Well, let’s look at this as a game of clue.

It is Marjorie Taylor Greene, with a weaponized tongue in the Capitol. Sykes argues that Greene — as loony as she is — wields the real power in the House Caucus of destruction, and I agree. Here is a bit of what he has to say:

“It’s not just that MTG represents the party’s id — in touch with both the base and the Orange- God-King-in-exile — she runs the place anyway.”

“Why not make it official?”

A few things here. One is that the GOP will NOT win back the House if we have anything to say about it. Second, this article appeared to be less about Greene than a scathing (and candid) critique on the skills — or lack thereof — of Kevin McCarthy.

In his denouement, Sykes argues that Greene is already running things for all intents and purposes because McCarthy has surrendered to cowardice. In fact, he refers to Kev as “feckless,” which really is the perfect word for him. “Who’s the leader now, hmmmm?” Sykes asks.

This article should worry our non-friend McCarthy. Because if Sykes has noticed his fecklessness — others have too. Palmer Report certainly has, as we have noted many times. McCarthy seems to think not making waves and playing the meek little follower will earn him respect.

But look at our heroes from history. Just look at every one of them. Do any of these heroes have the quality of passivity? Of doing nothing? Of meekness and not making waves?


Of course not. Kevin should study up on his history. Because he does not seem to have the self-awareness to know he is failing, and if he keeps on with this persona, his reputation, dream job, and character are doomed.

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