The smell coming from the White House is getting worse by the hour

The smell coming from the White House isn’t Donald Trump’s full diaper. It’s not even the vampire Kushner’s necrosis rotting in the Washington heat. No, it’s the stench of fear.

Someone likened this part to the scene in the Star Wars movie where the heroes are in the garbage crusher. It’s apropos. Everywhere these villains turn, there is relentless scrutiny; on Ivanka’s Baku deal, on Melania’s former friend writing a tell-all about the inauguration funds scam, on Jared’s relationship with the Saudis. Even Barron is in the spotlight as his elite private school in Potomac is not re-opening because of COVID-19. Sure, the administration wants you to send your kids to school and get the economy rolling again in time for November. But Barron’s school thinks those kids are worth saving. Spin that one.

None of them can get around the fact that Trump’s poll numbers are collapsing and because most of the Republican states are proud of their anti-science stance, masks were optional in Trumplandia. But to their dismay, Republican or Democrat, death is death. When Singapore, China and much of the EU is returning to business as usual because of their astute actions to ensure safety, the poor folks in Florida – citizens of the greatest country on Earth – are going to find that dying at home is a far better option than dying in the waiting room at their local hospital because there are no beds.

This, of course, is a crime against humanity, but until the Trump administration is a thing of the past, no one will be pulled from office, no one will be prosecuted. January 20, 2021, however, is going to be a whole new world. It is doubtful any of these folks will escape prosecution, no matter how blanket the pardon, no matter what Trump tries to work out with the Feds. And there’s another factor in this mess. Just like Flynn, Trump is stupid. He’ll think because he got a pardon from Pence upon leaving office that he’s free and clear. But he’ll be wrong. The Feds aren’t the Feds by being stupid. If they want to prosecute him, they will. As Flynn is finding out, there is no easy exit even when AG Barr is in your pocket.

Roger Stone is enjoying his freedom too, as he should. He’s another one who thinks these things are linear. But the Feds think in 3D. They’ll come after them again. Just as in another movie, it won’t be the velociraptor in front of you, it’ll be the two on either side you never thought were there. Expect the smell to get worse from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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