The Republicans are beyond redemption

As the proverbial dust continues to clear from Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, one of the most interesting takeaways is the differing viewpoints of the value of that testimony. No one should be surprised that Donald Trump and his dumber-than-dirt oldest son Donald Junior saw Mueller’s testimony as a victory for Trump. It was nothing of the sort. If anything, it brought his crimes even more into the spotlight. Funny, but not surprisingly, the Republicans helped Mueller’s testimony even though they tried their best to harm it.

Mother Jones pointed out accurately that rather than spend their time asking questions that might have discredited Mueller’s findings, Republicans chased information on the Steele dossier and other fantasy conspiracy theories. They did not find the answers they sought but instead helped to strengthen the Democrats’ case. Ken Buck (R-CO) decided to run with William Barr’s suggestion that Mueller failed to indict Trump because he was not guilty, to which Mueller responded that his office “did not make that calculation.” Apparently too stupid to leave well enough alone, Buck asked: “Why not?” Mueller responded (again) that the OLC opinion states that a sitting president can’t be charged with a crime, totally blowing that entire theory up in Buck’s face. Unable to stop his path along stupid road, Buck then asked if Trump could be charged after he leaves office, to which Mueller responded, “Yes.” Buck wasn’t the only Republican to make himself look completely idiotic and uninformed.

Matt Gaetz angrily brought up the Steele Dossier, to which Mueller responded perfectly: “What I take is missing here is the fact that this is under investigation elsewhere in the Justice Department and if I can finish sir — and if I can finish sir — and consequently it’s not within my purview.” Perhaps Gaetz is a bit brighter than Buck and realized he had stepped in it, and he instead turned to typical Republican rudeness by interrupting Mueller even as he tried to answer the question.

In contrast, the Democrats asked questions aimed at spotlighting Trump’s criminal behavior. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) had Mueller confirm that Trump had staff falsify records. Mueller further stated under Mike Quigley’s (D-IL) questioning that “problematic is an understatement” in terms of Trump’s praise of WikiLeaks. When Adam Schiff asked whether accepting foreign assistance during a presidential campaign was “unethical,” Mueller agreed and added: “And a crime.”

As the Independent pointed out on Thursday, House Republicans proved that their loyalty to Trump is greater than their loyalty to our country. It is clear that the Republicans have no desire to serve their constituents by seeking valuable information, as the Democrats did. Instead they tried to disparage Mueller personally, push their conspiracy theories, and protect Trump’s image, indicating that they by no means believe Trump is innocent. Otherwise, they would not have wasted time trying to attack Mueller instead of getting to the truth.

Yet, Trump supporters choose to ignore the obvious criminality of their “president.” No wonder they continue to vote Republican. They apparently like people who lie to them. As long as Trump and the GOP help feed their hatred and bigotry, they’re good.

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