The Republican rats start eating each other as Donald Trump falls to pieces

Full scale collapse. There’s no other way to refer to Donald Trump’s presidency at this point. His endless, clueless, self-congratulatory, self-pitying, false information-laden press conference on Monday was so dangerous, most TV networks ended up cutting away from it. Now Trump’s own Republicans in Congress are turning on each other in the midst of his collapse.

We recently learned that Richard Burr, among other Republican Senators, dumped their personal stock market holdings based on information they learned in secret briefings and committed insider trading in the process. Now Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is calling for Burr to resign:



That’s right, we’ve reached the point of chaos where a Republican Congressman is calling for a Republican Senator to resign. There’s no leadership on the Republican side whatsoever, and the vacuum created by Donald Trump’s empty head is leaving his party in chaos. Just wait til we get to the part where the Republican Senate decides to skewer Rand Paul for recklessly exposing them to the coronavirus.

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