The Republican Party is eating itself alive

The Republican party is confused. They have members who openly supported insurrectionists, and some who are delusional; however, they saved their wrath for one who tried to do the right thing. Liz Cheney voted her conscience, and her role has been threatened as a result. Is she not allowed to vote as she sees fit without retribution? Yet, they continue to remain quiet on Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Republican party will soon be taking up both issues.

It is interesting that Greene calls some Republicans “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only). The conspiracy theorists, like her, better fit that label, though it does not accurately describe their sheer craziness. “RINO” refers to members of the party that others believe are “too liberal.” Doing the right thing does not make one liberal. Conspiracy theorists such as Greene, Boebert, and Madison Cawthorn believe extremely outlandish false things while purposely ignoring the truth. When Cawthorn appeared on a TV interview in January, he railed against voting rules in swing states that he claimed were changed to favor President Biden, ignorantly unaware that the same rules applied in his state of North Carolina. Does that mean he should question his own win? What an idiot. Greene, however, takes the cake, claiming such ridiculous things as “Jewish space lasers” starting the wildfires in California. The biggest problem with any decision about both Cheney and Greene is that it rests with Kevin McCarthy.

According to Politico, McCarthy was frustrated with Cheney’s vote but “wants her to keep her job.” When you consider that McCarthy initially blamed Trump for the insurrection but made a complete about-face the next day, he is not exactly trustworthy. To make matters worse, McCarthy is the one who assigned Greene to the education and labor committees. Greene was not exactly quiet in her feelings about school shootings, though she has recently been scrubbing her social media pages. To put this woman on the education committee is despicable, given her belief that school shootings are a fantasy and her stalking and harassment of David Hogg. While Democrats and some Republicans have called for her removal from these committees, we must depend on the decision of a man who cannot make up his mind from day to day, which is not very encouraging.

Politico reported that Greene has become even more defiant and is vocal that she has Trump’s “full backing,” for what that is worth. Trump had best be thinking of how to save his own hide, both from impeachment and the state of New York. One Republican who believes Greene should be removed from committees is Rob Portman, who told Dana Bash on CNN that “Republican leaders ought to stand up and say [what she said] is totally unacceptable.” Removing Greene from committees is good, but she needs to be removed from Congress. She is a danger to every member there. Republicans had best think long and hard about what they do with both Cheney and Greene. The wrong choice may be their final undoing; 2022 is just around the corner.

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