The Republican National Committee has a Donald Trump money problem

The Republican National Committee is using its funds to pay Donald Trump’s mounting legal bills, according to the Washington Post. Naturally, media pundits are lining up to lament about how this means we’re all doomed or whatever.

But here’s the thing. If the RNC is blowing wads of its money on Trump’s legal bills, that means the RNC will have less money to spend on Republican candidates in 2022. Money, even dirty money, is finite. You can’t just turn on a magic spigot and have more money fall into your lap, no matter who you are.


The real story here is that the RNC is going to end up having money problems because Trump is forcing it to pay his bills. And the secondary story is that Trump is clearly broke, if he’s resorting to this kind of desperation just to make sure he retains legal representation as New York and Georgia prosecutors close in on him with inevitable criminal charges.

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