The real reason they’re so scared of VP Kamala Harris

Rumors are constantly out and about in politics. What is politics without a toxic new rumor floating about waiting to infect the minds of guileless voters everywhere? And it is my opinion that nobody has been the target of such rumors more than our Vice President.

Let’s break this down. I like Kamala Harris. I liked her before she became our VP, and I will continue to like her, I suspect, for many years to come. Yet since she has stepped into the shoes of the Vice-President, I have come to respect the heck out of her as well.

VP Harris is a survivor. I can think of nobody lately who has been maligned as much as Harris. The rumors swirling about have reached epic heights, not only from the GOP but sadly but from many a Democratic pundit as well.

Here are just a few:

Joe is going to fire her and run with someone else in 2024.

Joe is going to fire her and nominate her to the Supreme Court.

Joe and Kamala were at a soup kitchen this week where Biden appeared to snub her.

Kamala spent too much money on expensive French cookware.

Seriously people — this is pathetic.

The bottom line is that strong women — since the beginning of time — have had to fight so much harder than the average person. These women begin with several strikes against them. One, they are women. Two, they are strong.

For many in and out of politics — power in the form of womanhood is a threat to them. It is not just Harris. Look back at Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton. And let’s not forget Michelle Obama. Strong women are disliked by many traditionalists who are terrified of the power of women.

Many of these folks see women as having specific roles — meek obedience is undoubtedly one. And when a woman comes along that does not fit the imagined narrative — they don’t know what to do.

For many, what is attractive in a man is most definitely not in a woman. Strength is mistaken for arrogance. Confidence is mistaken for vulgarity. And so on it goes — like a long-broken record.


So, let’s join together and tell the media that this is not alright, and if said media outfit continues, we will not support them. Oh, one other little thing of note? A new poll is out with who the Democrats would like to see run in 2024 if Biden does not. The winner? Kamala Harris.

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