The real reason the DOJ is appealing the Bill Barr memo

The DOJ has announced that it’s appealing the release of the “Barr memo” which incriminates both Donald Trump and Bill Barr on felony obstruction of justice. This is setting off a whole new round of doomsday hysteria among the “all hope is lost” crowd, but as usual, these types are ignoring the facts.

First of all, the DOJ is only appealing the release of part of the Barr memo; it’s signing off on the release of the rest of the memo. This alone proves that the DOJ isn’t trying to protect Bill Barr from his crimes, or anything like that. So we can stop with the wacky conspiracy theories about how Merrick Garland is secretly on Team Trump, or whatever silliness the most absurd of liberal pundits are cooking up tonight.

Second, the judge in the case has already made clear that the Barr memo will be released. The only reason for the DOJ to appeal even part of the memo’s release is because the DOJ wants to be overruled by the judge, so it can be seen as having merely followed the court’s orders, so it can’t be accused of actively trying to target Bill Barr.


The bottom line is that this appeal by the DOJ probably isn’t a big deal, and won’t change the outcome. But that won’t stop the doomsday pundits and the “all hope is lost” crowd from having a field day with it.

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