The real reason Donald Trump is canceling TV ads in Florida

Even as Joe Biden’s campaign carpets the airwaves with television ads in the final week of the campaign, Donald Trump’s campaign keeps canceling TV ad buys in key swing states. We all know Trump’s campaign is too low on money to properly advertise – but why is Trump going dark in Florida?

Bloomberg is reporting that Trump is canceling TV ads in Florida, while continuing with TV ads in some other swing states. We don’t take this as a sign that Trump has given up trying to win Florida, because every electoral model says that he basically has to win Florida in order to have any chance. The trouble for Trump is that he has to win Florida, and then win a number of other states as well.

Trump seems to have decided that he’s simply going to cross his fingers and hope he wins Florida, while spending his remaining money in the other states he also has to win. It’s not a solid strategy. But when you’re behind in most swing states with a week to go, and there aren’t enough advertising dollars to go around, every strategy is a bad strategy.

Meanwhile President Obama continues to campaign in person for Joe Biden in Florida, even a Mike Bloomberg continues to fund pro-Biden TV ads in Florida, a reminder that Biden and the Democrats are going all-out to win Florida even as Trump goes dark there. You can help Biden win Florida and other swing states by signing up to phone bank here.

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