The real problem with all this Merrick Garland backlash

People are multifaceted. They are complex and difficult to know. I mention this because of — everything. Human nature is fascinating. On this journey of life, we come into contact with many different individuals. Some inspire us, many move us — and some hurt us. And let us down.

I’m sure that has happened to you at some point. I doubt there is anyone who has not been hurt or disappointed by another individual. Maybe it’s a family member, or partner, or friend. That’s just the way it is. And it can leave one feeling raw. But what happens when politicians let us down? What then?

Of course, we do not personally know these people in most cases. They’re essential, though. Many of them can change our lives in myriad ways. That is no exaggeration. A good example is Obamacare. How many people has that helped?

But sometimes politicians let us down. They can do that in two different ways. The first is because they are not what we thought they were. Perhaps we fall for the rhetoric of a particular politician only to find out this person wasn’t who they pretended to be.

J.D. Vance is an excellent example for me. My book club was mesmerized by his writings, and I include myself in that. But as he revealed, he was nothing more than a bullshit artist. The other reason people let us down is if they do not move as fast as we’d like.

I see so many people turning on President Biden and Chuck Schumer, and Merrick Garland with hatred. I again want to be clear — I am speaking of talk on social media, not about Palmer Report readers. But the conversation is getting worse. It’s spreading. It’s getting vicious. And it worries me.


These are good people. They are not intentionally hurting anyone. And now, the DOJ has sued the state of Texas for its twisted voting laws. So try to keep the faith. We’ll get through all this, and though there will be bad days, hopefully, there will be twice as many good.

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