The real deal with these Trump goons who refuse to get vaccinated

New polling says that 47% of Trump voters don’t want to get the vaccine. This isn’t a surprise. The kind of ignorant people who would vote for someone like Trump are the same kind of ignorant people who would refuse to get vaccinated during a pandemic.

The good news is that we may not necessarily have to worry about them. 47% of Trump voters translates to about 14% of the total U.S. adult population. Scientists think we’re going to need something close to 70% of adults vaccinated for herd immunity. So we may not need the above mentioned 14% after all, if we can get everyone else on board.

That said, it’s important that we all urge any skeptics in our personal circles to go ahead and get vaccinated. The evidence thus far points to the vaccine being overwhelmingly safe, with no real downside. If we can each get the people around us vaccinated, it’ll boost the total higher.

There’s another factor working in our favor. Over the past few months, the polling has shown that the number of Americans who are on board with getting vaccinated has grown from fifty-something percent to now nearly seventy percent. This suggests that as more people get vaccinated and end up being just fine, more skeptics around them are indeed coming around. In any equation, it’s rarely about changing the minds of the extremists. It’s about changing the minds of those on the fence.

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