The real danger when it comes to Trump 2024

The danger is NOT Donald Trump. He’s washed up. Polling shows that even his own supporters know it. The danger is that as we sit around and obsessively fret over Trump’s imaginary 2024 comeback, we ignore other Trump-like candidates who very much can win in 2021, 2022, and 2024.

For that reason, when media outlets and pundits go on and on and on about how Trump has somehow magically already rigged the 2024 election, they’re doing harm. They’ve got us focused on some faraway doomsday scenario that has no basis in reality. Multiple polls now say a majority of Republicans don’t want Trump to be the 2024 nominee. Does that sound like a guy who’s in the process of making a magic comeback?

As long as we keep allowing the media to distract us with this Trump 2024 doomsday nonsense, it means we’re not focusing on the Trump-like figures who will try to come out of nowhere and become 2024 presidential candidates without being properly vetted first. It means we’re not focusing on putting in the work required to win House and Senate races in the midterms. And it means we’re not at all focused on the crucial 2021 Virginia Governor election in just three weeks, in which the Trump-like Republican candidate is within just a few points of winning.


Please, I’m begging you, let go of the defeatist Trump 2024 hysteria. Tune out the pundits who are making desperate ratings grabs by pushing this hyperbolic nonsense on you. Focus on things that are real, such as the Virginia Governor race and the midterms. And most importantly of all, keep in mind that you don’t win anything by fretting and “sounding the alarm” about defeatist nonsense. You win by putting in the work required to win. You do it one election at a time. Trump is done. Obviously. But there will be dozens or hundreds of mini-Trumps running for office in upcoming elections, and all of them can do just as much damage as the original Trump. It’s them we have to focus on and defeat. “Trump 2024” talk is just a dangerous distraction from the real threats we face.

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