The raid against Rudy Giuliani just got even worse for Donald Trump and his henchmen

When the news first broke that the Feds had raided Rudy Giuliani’s home this morning, Palmer Report pointed out that the Feds had likely already obtained Rudy’s communications, and that this raid was more about mounting an endgame against him. We also pointed out that Rudy now surely realizes he’s screwed, and that he’ll have to strongly consider flipping on Donald Trump and others within their collective crime ring.

Now, sure enough, Rudy’s own camp is giving away that the Feds are actively pursuing at least one other Trump associate. Rudy’s lawyer is telling the Wall Street Journal that the today’s search and seizure warrant included Rudy’s communications with John Solomon. This is a big deal, because Solomon is the “journalist” who helped Rudy fabricate the imaginary Hunter Biden – Ukraine scandal.

This is a big deal for two reasons. First, it makes clear that the Feds aren’t just targeting Rudy Giuliani for taking dirty foreign money. Instead they’re apparently pursuing the phony Ukraine scandal as a criminal conspiracy in its own right – meaning everyone involved in it is in danger.

Second, we doubt it’s a coincidence that Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer has decided to publicly single out John Solomon as one of the people whose communications were targeted by the search warrant. This suggests that Rudy’s camp expects Solomon to be raided next, or fears that Solomon is about to cut a plea deal, or something along those lines.

In any case, the mere fact that the Feds are pursuing the phony Ukraine scandal as a criminal conspiracy means that Donald Trump has got to be worried, since it was his criminal conspiracy to begin with.

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