The whole Nikki Haley thing just took an even more villainous turn tonight

Earlier today Nikki Haley made the claim that Rex Tillerson and John Kelly tried and failed to get her to conspire with them against Donald Trump. It became painfully clear that Haley was throwing away what little might have been left of her credibility in the name of trying to sell more copies of her new pro-Trump book. Now the whole thing has gotten even uglier.

Hours after Nikki Haley finished humiliating herself in the name of selling her new book, Donald Trump retweeted a link that she had posted to her book. Trump added: “Nikki Haley is out with a new book, ‘With All Due Respect’ this week. Make sure you order your copy today, or stop by one of her book tour stops to get a copy and say hello. Good luck Nikki!”

It’s bad enough that Trump is illegally and unethically using his office to promote the sale of a book. It’s even worse that he and Haley are playing games here. She’s telling cartoonish tales of her supposed loyalty to Trump, and in return, he’s helping her sell more copies of her book. You have to wonder, in all seriousness, if there was a quid pro quo involved.

In any case, this means the end of Nikki Haley. Once Donald Trump has been locked up in prison and swept into the dustbin of history, no one who loudly stood with him will be able to find a place in national politics. Haley knows there’s no going back from publishing this book. She’s cashing out, and hopefully she’ll disappear forever.

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