The MAGA meltdown is fully underway

Rolling Stone’s explosive story is all over the place. For now, anyway, it is all anyone is talking about. And that is as it should be. This story is enormous. And it will most likely be in the news for quite a while. This is not a “one-day” news story.

People are justified in their anger. And anger is spilling forth all over the place — rightfully so. But what of MAGA? What are THEY saying about the story? Well — many things, actually. I dove in a bit to see how MAGA really feels about this story.
Take a deep breath because here comes the stupid:

“Rolling Stone is not a real news source.” Yes, this is a popular one. Who reads Rolling Stone, the maggots are asking derisively. (Most likely, everyone is reading it at this particular moment in time.)

“What about Antifa?” Sigh. Yes, this is something that is being said.

“It’s all a distraction! They’re trying to distract from Dr. Fauci and puppy gate.” This theory is so dumb I have nothing to say about it.

“Big deal. They planned a peaceful protest. What’s wrong with that?” My answer: if MAGA thinks that was peaceful, they’re more delusional than even I thought.

So, basically, MAGA’s ardor for the world of insurrection is deeper than ever. And so it will stay until cult deprogrammers get involved — and that might have no effect either.


My personal opinion is that most of the MAGA group are too far gone to believe anything negative about their cult leaders. Their denial is too thick. But ours isn’t. And the fact is these wretched Congresspeople must be punished. And now, with this new information, I feel it is only a matter of time until they are.

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