The January 6th Committee is about to make an example out of Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon and others will reportedly defy their January 6th Committee subpoenas. Good. The committee has clearly been looking to make an example out of someone, and now Bannon will face a criminal referral that includes prison time.

Bannon isn’t some evil genius. He doesn’t have a magic wand. He’s an arrogant idiot who always finds a way to blow it and self destruct – and everyone knows it. The committee probably decided to subpoena Bannon first, knowing he’d defy it, just so they could make an example out of him.

Bannon is already on track for prison (he’s under confirmed criminal investigation in New York State). So maybe he thinks he has nothing to lose, given that the prison sentence for failure to appear is much shorter than the prison sentence he’ll likely end up with in New York anyway. But many January 6th witnesses aren’t already on track for prison. Once they see Bannon busted for failure to appear, they’ll think twice.

And no, Bannon won’t get busted overnight (neither side in politics ever has a magic wand). But it will happen. The DOJ takes legitimate congressional criminal referrals seriously. Bannon will get busted before too much longer, and then most other witnesses should begin to fall in line. It seems clear that the committee is aiming to have its biggest witnesses just before the midterms.

And that’s the perfect timing. Congressional probes are all about educating voters about what’s really going on. No better time than just before the public is set to decide how to vote in 2022. As for the screaming meemies who keep insisting that we must have hearings right this minute or we’re all dead, they’ve been screaming that all year, and they keep being proven wrong at every turn. For the record, many of those screaming meemies are major political pundits.

For the record, in spite of the recent clickbait headlines about him somehow raising an army of 20,000 troops to take over America, Steve Bannon’s life has already been destroyed. He’s broke, he’s a convicted felon, he’s radioactive, no one wants to work with him, and he’s reduced to hallucinatory fantasies about having an imaginary army at his back. He’s finished. Prison will just be the icing on the cake.


But once Bannon idiotically defies this subpoena, and a bit of time has to go by procedurally before he gets busted for it, media pundits will race to declare that he’s “gotten away with it all” – because far too many people love hearing that kind of doomsday fiction. They won’t stop feeding us this nonsense until we stop believing it.

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