The insurrection has begun

Despite what he’d like us to believe with his pathetically failed strongman tweets, Donald Trump is more weak and vulnerable right now than ever. He’s half dead, and relying on steroids that have left him severely compromised. Most of his henchmen have been sidelined by illness. He has very little control over what’s going on – and a number of folks in his administration are now taking advantage of that.

For instance, on Wednesday the heads of the FBI and NSA released a public service announcement warning everyone about foreign influence in the election. This is something that they never could have pulled off if Trump were at his proverbial fighting weight. The CDC, which is run by a weakling who is normally scared of Trump, announced on Wednesday that it was tightening the standards for approving a coronavirus vaccine – when Trump wanted them loosened.

Now even Homeland Security, one of the shadiest-run agencies in the Trump regime, is suddenly releasing a long-delayed report about white supremacist domestic terrorist attacks. The upshot here is that with Trump now so vulnerable, the leaders of his own agencies are suddenly making the moves they should have been making all along, because they now believe they can get away with it.

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