The idiot wasn’t even invited!

Last night Donald Trump came face to face with a humiliating dose of reality, and managed to create an utterly terrible PR moment for himself, when he attended a World Series game in Washington DC. When his face was shown on the screen at the stadium, not only was he loudly booed, the crowd also loudly chanted “Lock him up!” Now it turns out the whole thing was even worse for Trump than we knew.

If you’re wondering why the Washington Nationals baseball team would have wanted Donald Trump at their World Series game when their fan base clearly hates the guy, it turns out they didn’t want him there. Or at least they didn’t invite him to be there. The Washington Post says the idiot just decided to attend the game without a formal invitation from the team. If you missed the “Lock Him Up” chant, here’s the video:

This means that Donald Trump didn’t make the mistake of accepting an ill-fated invitation to a public event where he should have known he’d get booed; he made a point of showing up uninvited to a public event where he was sure to get booed. In sports terminology that’s called an “unforced error.” Now today’s media coverage will be about Trump getting greeted with a “Lock Him Up” chant at the World Series, driving home the point about just what a despised criminal he is.

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