The guy who knows the most about the New York criminal case against Donald Trump says Trump is going down

White collar criminal cases can take an extraordinary amount of time to put together before indictments are handed down – particularly when the crime spree is an overly complex one, or the target is likely to hire fancy lawyers to try to pick the case apart.

If you understand this process, then you know damn well why the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is still piling on with even more witnesses, evidence, and charges before having the grand jury criminally indict Donald Trump. But if you’re not familiar with the process, or if you’ve succumbed to the doomsday pundits who keep insisting that Trump has somehow “gotten away with it all” because he hasn’t yet been indicted, then you might be confused about what’s really going on.

So let’s ask Michael Cohen about that. He has extensive first hand knowledge of Donald Trump’s various financial crimes in New York, because he was there with him. Cohen also has extensive first hand knowledge of the criminal case being built against Trump, because he’s been interviewed by the DA’s office at least eight times.

Michael Cohen was asked this question on Twitter: “In your legal mind, do they have a solid case? On another subject to you believe Trump will ever be held accountable for anything?” Cohen’s succinct but crucial answer: “Yes to both!” We’ll take his word over that of the doomsday pundits any day.

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