“The Grifters” – Donald Trump’s kids just got destroyed

When it comes to Donald Trump, crime and corruption are a family business. All three of his adult kids not named “Tiffany” have been mentioned in the same breath as money laundering, campaign finance fraud, charity fraud, and other serious offenses.

This evening the Lincoln Project posted this tweet and it sent the internet into a flurry:


The responses came swiftly and provided some much needed catharsis. Rosanna Arquette came up with “criminal behavior.” John Rosevear called them the “The Soon-to-Be Cancelled.” Jennifer Mendelsohn called them “The Zombies.” Meena Harris labeled them the “Red Hot Co-Conspirators.”


A whole lot of people ended up settling on the name “The Grifters – to the point that the term ended up trending on Twitter throughout the evening. What do you think they should be called? Let us know in the comment section below.

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