The GOP’s phony Biden-China scandal just blew up in its face

After the House passed an anti-Asian hate crime bill, House Republicans carried on the same bigoted nonsense that drove lawmakers to write such a bill in the first place – doubling down on arguments for why they plan to doom the bill in the Senate and renewing their conspiracies about China. Their plan is to not only foment the racists within their ranks to make the Democrats’ agenda look unpopular, but they also hope to get the undecideds in the middle to their side by trying to make President Biden and fellow Democrats look weak when it comes to dealing with China.

Fortunately, President Biden is consistently addressing the COVID pandemic with the seriousness the crisis deserves and on Wednesday, he called on U.S. intelligence communities to produce a report within 90 days on the origins of the pandemic, calling the current proposal of two different situations without much conclusive evidence to be unsatisfactory.

He asked that the collective intelligence agencies stay in touch with Congress through the process and press China to cooperate with a transparent investigation. This isn’t going to stop the right-wing conspiracy machine, but the results of the report will keep those conspiracies largely relegated to the fringe – a report that likely won’t show actions taken by the previous administration in a favorable light.

Currently, right-wingers are so desperate to make scandals where there aren’t any, to the degree that Donald Trump, Jr. is having a public meltdown about the coverage of President Biden’s daily workout routine. The Biden administration knows they look like desperate attention seekers and it’s the best way to make them look for the next seven years.

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