The fall of the Republican Party

The fall was seemingly endless. In fact, it would appear to be infinite. And it hasn’t ended. Indeed, it is still going on. I speak of the fall of the Republican Party. Yesterday, the anniversary of January 6th, was not a happy day. On the contrary, it’s a dark and stark reminder of where we were a year ago. And it’s a reminder of just how far and how low the GOP has fallen.

They’re not sorry. As I sit and write this, I observe a tweet by Marco Rubio talking about the “shameless hypocrisy” of the Democrats.

I see many other Republicans shaking off the solemnity of the day. It makes me sad.
I am sure you feel the same.

One thing I have observed from the Democrats (ourselves) is that we continue to feel shocked — and in some cases outraged — at the apparent endless flippancy of Republicans in their continued dishonoring of America.

I am pretty cynical about politics, yet their shenanigans still can shock me. The total disregard for human decency by the Trump crowd still, after all this time, invokes so many emotions in me — and I know by many of your comments you feel the same. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road.

The Republican party is lost. Their souls fell asleep and then up and left them for good in a mournful flurry of cowardice. Until they decide to open their eyes and search for that which they’ve lost, their fall will continue.

But as much as their antics still invoke such intense negativity in us, that shows how strong we are. We are strong because we feel. We feel love for our country, and even after all this time — we have not let ourselves become desensitized. This in itself is a huge accomplishment. They feel anger. We feel love. They feel hate. We feel bravery, passion, and strength of convictions.


So let’s remember this day and move forward, and let’s be deeply thankful that we are us. Let’s also be grateful that we’re not and will never be the sad old party who continue their descent into the history books of degradation.

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