The end of Tucker Carlson

If there is one thing I’d like us all to accomplish this year (besides winning the midterms), it is succeeding in getting Tucker Carlson off the air. I hold out little hope we can succeed on that front, mainly because Tucker’s bosses are a cold and unfeeling corporate entity who don’t give a damn about humanity or anything having to do with morals and decency.

There is seemingly no end to the vitriol spit out on a nightly basis by the sleazy and false carnival barker. And there can be no doubt that Tucker Carlson is a major bete noire of our existence. He is pure pond scum, as this story shows.

Per Newsweek, Tucker Carlson pulled a rather bizarre stunt in which he did a segment on Michael Jackson — and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Tucker claimed Jackson wasn’t actually dead but was on Face the Nation, which is on CBS. This news was certainly a surprise to me. Perhaps Jackson has been hanging out with JFK Jr.?

Well no. Nothing like that. This was only a prank by Tucker. It was sort of akin to a four-year-old sticking their tongue out at someone. You see, Tucker then he showed whom he was referring to — Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In case his brain-dead audience didn’t get it the first time, Tucker then posted this on his Twitter page.

The caption read, “Michael Jackson was spotted on live television over the weekend.” What are we doing here, readers? What can possibly be gained by this stupid and juvenile stunt?

When I look at Tucker — something I do not like to do for too long — I can feel the sleaze ricocheting off him and landing with a resounding thud on his viewers, many of whom know better.

The Dumbing-down of America started long before Tucker Carlson. But that does not change the fact that Carlson and his insane giggle are a huge part of where we as a country are. Last year I predicted that Carlson would go too far at some point. I still believe that to an extent. But when and how that will happen, I’ve no idea.


What I do know is this — I want an educated society. I like to see intelligent and strong Americans who are not brainwashed zombies nor people who actually think garbage like this is funny.

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