The downward spiral that will take Donald Trump out of the White House

Donald Trump continues the downward spiral that will take him out of the White House. The good news is that the GOP Senate might be going with him. They are certainly deserving of going down with their Titanic. From Mitch McConnell continuing to pack the courts with unqualified conservative judges to John Cornyn vigorously applauding Trump’s latest racist speech, it is past time for all of them to go. They do not care about any of us. All they care about is leaving a legacy of hate and tipping the scales of justice in their own favor even though most of them have everything they could possibly want or need. They are the epitome of greed and all the things that are wrong in our country.

The latest Politico/Morning Consult poll reveals that 75% of Americans believe {the country is heading in the wrong direction. Adding to that number is Trump’s abysmally low approval rating, as Joe Biden’s star continues to rise. Politico’s forecasters have, for the first time, classified Biden as “the clear favorite” in the upcoming election. Republicans are hanging on to the Senate by a pinkie nail, and Democrats are looking strong in states that were previously listed as “up for grabs.” Politico explains that its forecasting, like CNN, takes into consideration more than just polling numbers. Politico examines the political landscape and further bases its findings on continuous interviews with strategists and operatives in addition to looking at polls and other data, giving them a clearer picture of what all these numbers mean.

Trump’s numbers continue to trend downward for his mishandling of coronavirus—which is far out of control, contrary to his opinion—and his mishandling of the racial unrest. Politico reports that these numbers show two of the most important issues to voters, and if Trump continues down the path he is on—and we know he will—he will not only take himself out of the White House but he will take a few Republican senators and congresspeople with him. They tied themselves to him, and they will pay the price in November.

Even as Trump’s campaign tries to act nonchalant, they have increased spending in Ohio, Iowa, and Georgia, indicating that they fear losing those states. While Joe Biden released words of comfort and hope in his Fourth of July message, Trump was at Mount Rushmore, stoking the fires of racism and hate. Trump has nothing else on which to run, so he leans back on his same old schtick, which is nothing more than that. At the same time, Mark Kelly is in terrific shape to defeat Martha McSally, and John Hickenlooper is already leading Cory Gardner. Joni Ernst is slipping to Democrat Theresa Greenfield, and Democratic Governor Steve Bullock’s stock is rising from his handling of the pandemic in Montana. Adding icing to the proverbial cake, Democratic gubernatorial candidates are also doing well.

Imagining a world without Trump and his enablers is almost too much to hope for, but as Biden said in his video, “we can and we will” make this happen.

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