The Donald Trump – Bill O’Reilly tour is already in bad shape

The new trend among political figures who find themselves washed up or facing legal trouble? Going on tour. You’d have to ask them if they’re doing it in order to raise money for their legal defense fund, or if they’re trying to regain their lost glory, or if they’re just trying to distract themselves from having to watch it all cave in for them.

The thing about these tours is that while they get a fair amount of media attention, they don’t seem to go particularly well. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have been touring the country together and giving deranged speeches, but all it’s really done is give the Democrats a series of talking points to use against the entire Republican Party in 2022.

Then there’s the frankly bizarre upcoming tour featuring Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly. It’s not difficult to figure out why these two has-beens want the glory and money of going on tour. It’s more difficult to figure out what the draw is supposed to be. O’Reilly has fallen to the point that even right wing cable news networks no longer see fit to give him a show. And Trump generally uses his rare public appearances these days to rant incoherently about how angry he is that his life has collapsed.

So it probably shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Trump-O’Reilly tour is already in bad shape. Ticket sales are lagging, and it’s beginning to look like they’ve overconfidently booked venues that are too large for their shrinking ability to draw a crowd.

Even Politico – which for some reason has been acting as a de facto mouthpiece for Trump’s lawyers this month – is acknowledging that Trump is having trouble selling tickets. For instance, musical acts Bad Bunny and Kane Brown are both vastly outpacing Trump in terms of ticket sales at a Florida venue. Wait, isn’t Trump supposed to be popular in Florida? Ouch.

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