The Devin Nunes memo has incriminated Paul Ryan

The Devin Nunes memo is a dud. It doesn’t expose any abuses by the FBI in the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. It doesn’t put Trump one inch closer to being able to fire Rod Rosenstein or Robert Mueller. All it’s done is hang yet another obstruction of justice charge around Trump’s neck, while ensuring Nunes will go to prison. However, the memo has incriminated one person in particular, and it comes as something of a surprise: Paul Ryan.

The Nunes memo is focused on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The FBI and Department of Justice had a FISA surveillance warrant on Page because of his admitted association with Russian spies. Nunes tried and failed to make the case that there was something scandalous about the fact that the warrant on Page was renewed in 2017. All this means is that a federal judge agreed that the wiretap did reveal crucial evidence, and was therefore worthy of being renewed. But here’s the funny part: Page predicted all of this, months ago, in precise detail.

Carter Page has a habit of going on cable news and recklessly running his mouth, confessing to all kinds of things, while also getting caught in a number of wacky false statements. So when he went on television a few months back and predicted that Paul Ryan would exonerate him in the FISA warrant controversy, it was taken at the time as just another random ramble from him. Yet today that’s precisely what happened.

How could Carter Page have known months ago that House Republicans would make a point of trying to vindicate him, and that Paul Ryan would ultimately sign off it? Unless he has a crystal ball or he’s an insanely lucky guesser, he couldn’t have. The most logical explanation is that Ryan and the GOP were planning this stunt for months, and they made the mistake of telling loose-lipped Page about it. Now Robert Mueller simply has to follow the evidence trail back to Paul Ryan on this. If Ryan plotted this with the White House, he’s guilty of felony obstruction of justice.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report