The dam is about to break wide open

The squeeze is happening. The Department of Justice had a Bannon FU from Mark Meadows this afternoon when he missed his appearance before the January 6th Commission. Meadows might have been resting easy, but after Steve Bannon’s two count indictment for contempt of Congress that was just handed down, we’re going to bet he’s suddenly rethinking his actions.

What will probably happen is Meadows’ attorney will go to the powers that be and there’ll be a mea culpa agreement to get him before Congress. Meadows will show up and then promptly refuse to answer any questions, claiming executive privilege.

But. And it’s a big one: there’s someone out there with a Congressional subpoena in their hands right now who doesn’t relish spending a year to 18 months in Federal prison. And all they need is one person to come clean to start taking down the kingpins who orchestrated January 6th.


The dam will break wide open when the DOJ puts the squeeze on these people. And there are so many of them: Matt Gaetz, Hawley, Greene, Boebert, Erik Prince, Flynn. We could go on and on, not even mentioning Trump’s children. But the fact that they’re all raging narcissists is in our favor. They can’t imagine consequences, so now that sh*t just got real, the first one to break may turn out to be Meadows. Regardless, the initial domino of consequence has now fallen on its neighbor. The next few weeks are going to be ripe for an avalanche.

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