The collapse of Ted Cruz

I am sure many of you have known the beautiful and magical world of Narnia. There is a whole book series on this whimsical world by Author C. S. Lewis. And when I was a child, I was obsessed with this world. I’d often sneak into my parents’ closet, trying to enter this imaginary and breathtaking land.

And now I’d like to talk about another imaginary world — this one does not have the beauty of Narnia. It is called the world of cowardice. The king of this world is one Ted Cruz. Congratulations, Rafael Ted Cruz. You have finally found something at which you deeply excel. You are a chickenshit. Harsh language, but this word so describes the non-soul of Rafael.

So, Ted’s epic and groveling apology to Tucker Carlson is already becoming historic. It is becoming historic for how pathetic it was. Rafael threw himself on Carlson’s (mercy?) the other night on Fox. Groveling as only Rafael “Ted” Cruz COULD grovel, he battled furiously to save his career.

Tucker Carlson is not someone who should ever be apologized to, proving once again the lack of judgment that Rafael demonstrates on nearly an hourly basis.

Memes of the cowardly lion are dominating Twitter. Gleeful non-fans of Rafael’s are permeating his Twitter feed, telling him how much they loath him.
Karma has decided to pay a visit, and it took a big bite out of Rafael Cruz.

Cruz is still out there flailing like a clumsy jellyfish hoping desperately that Tucker and many other American terrorists will forgive his lapse in judgment and his daring, to be honest, for one brief second. Only so far, that does not seem to be happening.


The problem for Rafael is this: Cruz is not good at this. In fact, he sucks at it. His desperation leaks from him like sticky oil. His pleading eyes see only himself — never anybody else. So let’s enjoy the terrible Texan’s fall from grace. It’s been a long time coming, and he has nobody to blame for his failures but himself.

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