The collapse of Donald Trump’s health

The minute Donald Trump was declared the loser of the 2020 election, it was clear that he’d start getting eaten alive. The legal system would begin picking him apart. So would his own former henchmen, who would see an opportunity to cash in with a lucrative book deal by kicking Trump on his way down.

Sure enough, even as New York (and Georgia) prosecutors close in with grand juries and indictments and such, top former Trump aides are exposing his dirty secrets left and right. One difficulty is trying to figure out which of these former aides can be trusted. For instance, people like Michael Cohen, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and Anthony Scaramucci, have gradually proven to us that what they’re telling us about Trump world is the truth.

But what about someone like Omarosa? She released a tell-all book that didn’t tell us much. Then she claimed to have a large number of secret White House recordings, which turned out to be nothing. But Trump did take legal action to try to enforce a nondisclosure agreement against Omarosa, suggesting that at least some of the things she’s telling us are real.

Last week Omarosa won that legal battle over the NDA. Now she’s talking more. This weekend she appeared on MSNBC, as flagged by the Daily Beast, and accused Donald Trump of having unspecified health issues that will keep him from being viable 2024.

So why doesn’t she just say what’s wrong with him? It’s possible that she’s saving it for another book. It’s also possible that she doesn’t know what his specific diagnosis is, and that she can merely tell he’s in poor and fading health just by looking at him. Then again, we can all tell that Trump is in poor and fading health just by looking at him.


We’ll see if Omarosa ends up saying or doing anything to earn our trust. For now, if nothing else, this is the latest reminder of two things. First, Trump’s former aides are going to keep publicly piling on like this, thus making his 2024 fantasy even more nonviable. Second, even though the media rarely talks about Trump’s visibly declining health, you’re not imagining it when you see him looking looking half-senile and three-quarters dead during his very rare public appearances these days. There’s something obviously very wrong with him, both physically and cognitively. Now that his former aides are talking about it, perhaps the media will finally address it as well.

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