The bombshells are coming

It’s been a particularly rough week for Donald Trump, with consistently low poll numbers, blatantly giving his supporters illegal advice by encouraging them to commit the same voter fraud he’s always pretended to be worried about, and ending with the bombshell revelation that he referred to his country’s veterans as “suckers” and “losers.”

This should be a surprise to absolutely no one – especially those of us who followed his presidential campaign from the beginning – but because he’s running for re-election, the White House is desperately doing all it can to go into damage control and pretend it never happened.

The trouble is that while his surrogates like Kayleigh McEnany and Nikki Haley are both out in public embarrassing themselves by denying reality, Donald Trump isn’t doing much of anything to allay these narratives. He’s spent the weekend attacking Fox News mostly because they’re not caving his demand that they fire one of their reporters, and going back and ridiculing John McCain, even though he spent Friday night ranting about how he never called McCain a loser.

In case you thought he was just going after McCain for his politics, he explicitly made the connection, tweeting that he took on the burden of having to rebuild the military after the Obama administration, and comparing it to how McCain pushed details in the Steele Dossier despite them not being true. This is odd, because McCain’s involvement with the Steele Dossier wasn’t widely known until after McCain’s death, suggesting that Trump probably realizes that there are more bombshells to follow and they’re clearly getting under his skin.

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