The art of war


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There were many unfortunate consequences of Insurrectionist Trump’s deadly four years. And one of them was the rise of hate against many. Blacks, Jews, Muslims — nobody was safe. Unless, of course, one had the good fortune to be a white Christian man.

And it’s sad. Although we toppled Trump, much hate still persists. It persists against women. It persists against the LGBTQ community. And it persists in the dark heart of Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy has promised if he becomes speaker, he will remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from her foreign affairs committee. This is so heartbreaking. But it is not surprising. Kevin McCarthy is the Dorian Gray of politics.

And like Gray, Kevin will make any deal with any monster he possibly can — even if said deal makes no sense. It is bitterly ironic that for McCarthy, fomenting an insurrection seems just fine, yet being a Muslim is a bridge too far.

Kevin also spoke of antisemitism and how awful it is. I was prepared to quote him, but you know what? He is not worthy of a quote. Kevin is not worthy of anything except scorn and derision.

And I will make a prediction. McCarthy will not be long for the speaker’s role, if it becomes his at all. He’s too weak, you see. He is weak and ineffectual. He will never be able to handle what the snakes throw at him. He will never be able to rise to the task of wielding power.

The great generals of the past would have spat on the ground rather than work with someone like McCarthy. Their contempt of him would have been well-known. And even the monsters he deals with know his strengths and weaknesses.

It’s all about the art of war. Kevin obviously never read THAT book. He knows nothing of his enemies. He knows nothing of his friends — not that he has many of them. One cannot win a war without careful and meticulous planning. McCarthy doesn’t plan — he makes it up as he goes along.

He shows desperation and do not think the enemy can’t smell it, taste it and feel it. If this is the art of war, the battle has already been fought — and it wasn’t Kevin who came out on top.


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