The American right has become too extremist for its own good

Biden and the Democrats will never get the credit they deserve. The CEO of Walmart even congratulated Biden on curing the supply chain problem and this will never get the attention of the Right. What they are focusing on is who in their party is going to give Kyle Rittenhouse an internship. This while the country is dealing with a Christmas parade massacre and most Americans are for gun control.

We’ve also got a man who carried a loaded gun into the Capitol during the January 6th insurrection who claimed to want to find Pelosi and said if he had found her, the Feds would be holding him for another reason entirely. Horrifying.

Kyle Rittenhouse was brought across state lines with an illegal weapon with which he killed people. Killing people while in the midst of a crime is a crime. If you were robbing a bank and shot the teller who pointed a gun at you, your self-defense argument would be laughable. You would be charged by the Feds and you would be convicted. These are the charges which must be brought, but when one party is lauding him as a hero, you can be sure you aren’t getting the entire story whether you watched the video of his shooting or not.


The problem the Right has is it’s getting too extreme for any kind of mainstream American. But that’s not being reported either. With gerrymandered districts, these sh*tstains know they can win in spite of the will of the people. So, the only remedy is lawsuits, speaking out about the truth, and voting. And voting is the most important of these three. Tell everyone.

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