Donald Trump tweets “Thanks you Charles” then deletes it, and everyone is confused

Donald Trump has become the guy who says “Tim Apple” while demanding to know the “oranges” of the Mueller probe, even as he insists that windmill noises somehow cause cancer, and his imaginary new border wall is “anti-climb.” So it shouldn’t be particularly surprising, we suppose, that late on Monday night, Trump cryptically tweeted “Thank you Charles” before immediately deleting it.

Even though our expectations couldn’t be much lower at this point when it comes to Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities and mental competence, the bizarre incident nonetheless left quite a few people scratching their heads. Moments later, Trump retweeted political pundit Charles V Payne, thus giving away what his deleted “thank you” was presumably about. But it nonetheless set off quite a bit of confusion.

Some were left to ask if this might have anything to do with the fact that a Chinese operative was arrested at Mar-a-Lago last week after entering the property and bizarrely asking for someone named “Charles.” Others jokingly quipped that Trump might have been referring to Charles in Charge (whose star Scott Baio is a notorious Trump supporter), or to Charles Manson.

In any case, Donald Trump’s incoherent “Thank you Charles” moment served to underscore the argument that there is something increasingly wrong with this guy. He just finished having a meltdown about his imaginary border wall having thirty-six doors in it, and he doesn’t want to pay for the doors. He’s literally ranting about apples and oranges. The guy isn’t close to being mentally coherent, and as the investigations into his criminal scandals grow deeper, the cracks in his psyche appear to be widening.

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